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Here’s the thing about baseball: Even the most dramatic moments are extremely plausible.

So, for instance, we have 1911, the year of Charlie Victory Faust. Faust was virtually unmatched for sheer strangeness and improbability, according to the Society for American Baseball Research. Faust pitched two innings (allowing one run) and batted once (hit by pitch) for the New York Giants, but he wasn’t really a player, as became clear almost immediately after he talked manager John McGraw into giving him a tryout. Rather, he became something between a mascot and a team joke and a good luck charm, and in the months he spent with the Giants they won a staggering 80 percent of their games. Then the Giants kicked him out, more or less, and immediately slumped; over the next three years he spent extended periods in mental institutions before dying in 1915.

Just about every home run in history was hit by a player already known to be capable of hitting a home run, while even a perfect game is just the most likely thing happening 27 times in a row. The excitement comes from combining uncertainty and stakes — rolling dice for money is exciting — rather than any literal I Can’t Believe What I Just Saw emotion.

‘Skunk in the outfield’: How the most epic trick play in history broke baseball
For 2 minutes, 32 seconds of pure chaos, a high school state championship game in Rhode Island entered a parallel universe — and unleashed the longest hardball stalemate of all time.

LaVar clearly has a vested interest in his son playing more minutes and wants to see him succeed, but by voicing that interest he’s undermining the Lakers’ coaching staff in a way that doesn’t look great for the organization.

The Lakers tried to prevent this by limiting media access to the families, friends and agents of players, but that obviously isn’t solving this problem. LaVar Ball was in Lithuania with LiAngelo Ball and LaMelo Ball when he made these comments — the Lakers can’t stop that.

LaVar essentially ran former Chino Hills High School head coach Stephan Gilling out of town with constant nagging and criticism about how he was running the team and coaching the Ball brothers. Once their feud became public, Chino Hills dropped Gilling as their coach.

He also pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills partially because LaVar asked new coach Dennis Latimore to add four new players to their roster to play with his son and Latimore refused to do so.

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