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Fans across the league typically know that Gregg Popovich coaches the Spurs, Steve Kerr leads the Warriors and, all LeBron James jokes aside, Tyronn Lue is in charge of the Cavs. However, even the hardcore fans aren’t always abreast of the men that make those jobs much easier on a day-to-day basis. These assistant coaches are often the ones who run practice, do the scouting work on opponents or develop players on the current roster.

As the coaching carousel turns, some of these lesser-known names will get opportunities to run their own NBA teams.

In trading away Clarkson and Nance, the Lakers shed $14.8 million in salary ahead of the 2018-19 season. (Thomas and Frye are both on expiring contracts and unlikely to re-sign with the team this summer.) Additionally, if the Lakers choose not to re-sign restricted free agent Julius Randle after this year and stretch the final two years of Luol Deng’s contract, they will have plenty of room for multiple stars.

windhorst just made a great point: the cavs may have cleared cap space for the lakers that they could use to sign…yanno, lebron james.

He got his start in the NBA as a consultant to the Lakers in 2011. He returned to Europe, this time with CSKA Moskow from 2012-14, before flying back to the Spurs in 2014. He has been on the bench with Popovich ever since.

Fox News anchors have supported Trump’s campaign against NFL players kneeling for racial/social justice this season.

The James-Durant-Champion video for Uber gave Ingraham and Fox the opportunity for a rare triple play: They could bash James and ESPN while simultaneously defending Trump.

James has never hid his feelings about Trump, calling the president a bum on social media.

But Ingraham’s and Fox’s attack on James, one of the most politically outspoken players in the NBA, didn’t go over too well in the sports media world.

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