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NFLPA president Eric Winston says he hasn’t heard desire for more offseason contact with teams from players

New Oakland Raiders head coach Jon Gruden has lamented the inability to contact and work with his players through the early stages of the offseason. Gruden has claimed that players used to come work with him because they’re unable to work with their teams due to the rules of the collective bargaining agreement.

NFLPA president Eric Winston says that’s not the message he hears from his constituents on NFL rosters. On PFT Live with Mike Florio on Wednesday morning at the NFL Combine, Winston said he doesn’t have players coming to him telling him they want to see an extended offseason program.

Right, I’d tell them that there will be plenty of time for that, Winston said. Again, none of these players, whether they’re quarterbacks or younger players, at the end of the season ever say ‘yeah, man, if I just had a little bit more time early on, I would have got it.’ That’s the thing.

And if you’re a good coach and you know how to communicate and to teach, you’ll get that stuff in. And sometimes that means pairing down the playbook a little bit for a younger player. That’s OK. That actually means that you’ll probably have a more efficient offense or defense, but a lot of these guys, I think, want their cake and (to) eat it too and sometimes that just doesn’t work that way.

Like anything else, offseason contact between coaches and players can be a bargaining point in negotiations toward a new CBA when the time comes. The current CBA runs through the 2020 season.

It kind of frustrated me a little at first, but I understand it is what is, Vaccaro told Josh Katzenstein of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. I’m just going to enjoy the (free agency) process, and whatever happens, happens.

Vaccaro ended the 2017 season on injured reserve and had surgery to repair of core muscle injury. He said Wednesday that he feels better than he did at the start of the season, so health shouldn’t be a big concern when he begins the hunt for a new team in a couple of weeks.

If [the coach] asks me to be the backup I’m going to be the country’s best backup quarterback, Rosen said, when asked specifically about sitting and learning from Manning. I’m going to support my starter through everything. It might be a rough relationship at the beginning because they kinda see the dynamic, but I’m going to do everything I can to help the team win.

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