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Report: Tom Brady has continued usual offseason regimen

New reporting has cast fresh doubt on the future of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, but his actions don’t seem to be adding any fuel to those rumors.

Who changed? How many teammates agree with him? What next? While Curran didn’t cite evidence of the open revolt, he went on Mike Florio’s PFTPM podcast to discuss his column noting that things have changed over time as Brady gone from a learning player to the most important voice in the locker room. But over the course of time, you know, taking less money, seeing players who he valued very much jettisoned or nickel and dimed or went out the door, along with the team’s success, I think started to wear on him, as did Belichick’s very present inclination toward negativity, Curran told Florio.

FOX is taking over the Thursday night slate of games and ESPN is looking for a new analyst after watching Jon Gruden return to the Oakland Raiders.

Both networks took a run at the biggest fish in the sea: two-time Super Bowl champion Peyton Manning.

But the five-time NFL MVP said no to both networks.

I think all kinds of things get said. I mean, I laughed at that. When I say John Dorsey goes dark, he goes dark. Whoever thinks they’re finding John Dorsey, trust me, you’re not finding him. So I think there are a lot of things that get said that I know aren’t true. And if there was a consensus that John would’ve come to at this point, he would’ve told me. So I know that’s not the case. And while his boss hasn’t made a decision, Jackson, too, remains noncommittal on who Cleveland should select. I’m the same way. I’m sifting through my side of it, too, he said.

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